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Pectus bar

Pectus excavatum is a condition that cause the chest's breastbone (sternum) is caved in. This is attributed to the abnormal growth of several ribs and the breastbone. Pectus excavatum can be mild or severe. The Nuss technique is an operation to correct extreme pectus excavatum. It is known to be "minimally invasive," since it only needs a few minor incisions.

Pectus System (pectus bar) Features

  • The rounded ends and natural edges of the Pectus Bar reduce the loss of tissue during implantation.
  • The Pectus bar is required for most Pectus Excavatum correction procedures in different lengths.
  • The Pectus System box is available in two sizes and holds all Pectus implants and equipment easily.
  • Pectus-size bars are available for special sized bars as well as pre-bent bars built according to the CT scans of patients.